How often have you sat at your desk with a jam-packed schedule and many decisions to be made, wishing you had more time to know a lot more about your client than you do today? What do they prefer? What type of experiences do they want to have that will make their lives easier?

Frequently, as busy executives, we get so absorbed in checking off this week’s to-dos and closing this month’s business deals that we miss the opportunity to be curious. Or we miss a chance to gain a fresh perspective on a new market, prospects, client experiences, revenue stream, or address a gap in the market. Join us on December 21, 2017 at the Alexandria Brown Bag Professional Development and Networking event where we’ll discuss why questions are the new currency for growing businesses.

What You Wish You Knew?

  • Your Question: Why don’t they like my product?
    • My Question: What is your client looking for that my product could deliver?
  • Your Question: What trend should I worry about?
    • My Question: What trends matter to your business/your client?
  • Your Question: Why did the client choose the competitor?
    • My Question: What didn’t I know about the client in time?

What We’ll Cover:

  • What makes it hard to ask the right question?
  • Case Studies on the benefits of asking the right question.
  • How to ask the right question.

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