Business Advisor & Mentor Canva 062421

Confidential Thought Partner for CEOs and Executive Leaders

Black Woman Business Owner Canva 062421

The program is an intensive 1-on-1 experience for CEOs and Executive Leaders to help them to:

  • Drive revenue consistently to become a sustainable business
  • Derive insights that can lead to new revenue opportunities,
  • Create alignment across sales and marketing so they’re moving in the same direction while understanding who their future customers are.

You meet with Carla Fleming privately via Zoom or phone for regularly scheduled sessions to review progress, remove leadership obstacles, and establish new practice-building activities. Additional support is available by unlimited calls, text, email, or other means in between your regularly scheduled sessions.

We address everything from big-picture strategy to day-to-day tactics and execution is custom-tailored around your strengths, personal preferences, and the needs of your business.