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Advisor Services Designed to Help Level Up Your Client-Market Fit


Working at the intersection of business-to-business technology and customer-market alignment.

All services are delivered remotely, virtually, and onsite.


Our Formula for Achieving Customer-Market Alignment that Leads to Growth

Customers aren’t static, and neither are markets or products. When just one of these is out of sync, you can:

  • Experience an unexpected drop in revenue and profitability
  • Lose relevance and direction as a company
  • Experience a decline in attaining and retaining your customer base
  • Worry about how to pursue a new business opportunity that could jeopardize the existing business
  • Become frustrated with employee retention because of changing expectations
  • Experience challenges finding product-market fit and impacting a startup’s viability


What Strategies Do We Use to Manage Change?

  • Lean In, Not Out. Make sense of the chaos with a confidential thought partner to help you identify the visible and invisible impacts from your perspective and the customer’s perspective.
  • Strategic Flexibility. Leverage the insights to help you gain clarity and rebuild your roadmap to pivot your company in a new direction.
  • Act and Validate. Turn your roadmap into action by testing and validating that the right activities are aligned with growing your customers, revenue, and profitability.
  • Growth and Leadership Alignment. Ensure your team can get a jump on the next customer pivot by putting a process in place to consistently lean into the future. Your firm’s future depends on it.


My Principles for Managing Business Change

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Perspective and Insights

Leaders who recognize and embrace uncovering the lack of client-market fit will succeed and thrive. We meet you where you are. We work with you and your leadership team to gain perspective and data-driven insights on the loss of customer-market fit and why it’s impacting your business. As a result, you can get clarity on the actions to take to create the type of long-term results you want to achieve.

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Strategy, Act, and Validate

Excellent leaders are proactive, empathetic, and results-driven problem solvers who have their customer’s back. Through our suite of strategic tools and workshops, research, and one-on-one mentoring, we partner with you to develop your roadmap. As you take action we validate the results for upping your level of success.

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Act, Validate, and Results

With your roadmap for upping your level of success in place, you can maintain customer-market fit and a sustainable business. Together, we’ll focus on the future so you can climb higher and get ahead of the next pivot to become the resilient customer-centric company you’ve always wanted to be.

Where Do You Begin? Explore Our Services. 

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Schedule a Discovery Session

Discuss your business growth needs.

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Case Studies

Explore how we’ve helped firms.

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Business Advisor & Mentor

Need a confidential thought partner?

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Discovery Alignment Client Workshop                 

How aligned are you and your team?

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Pivot Assessment

Let’s find your firm’s growth path.

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Client Knowledge Strategy Workshop

How has your customer changed?

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