Pivoting Strategies

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The ground beneath the typical American business is shifting. Is yours?

Where are you in this picture? I’m trying to:

  • Attract Prospects
  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Enter New Markets Effectively
  • Become a Better Brand Storyteller

 “(Companies) must not assume (that) yesterday’s customers will be available tomorrow.”  – McKinsey

If these frustrations sound the familiar, you’re not alone.

Pivoting Strategies is a strategy firm. We focus on business strategy – often the most overlooked secret sauce that can be critical to your company’s long-term growth. We help businesses and nonprofits to develop a long-term roadmap for how your business can align with the customer at every touchpoint. The result? New opportunities identified, client and prospect expectations clarified, increased revenues, and more meaningful, relevant customer engagements.

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