Renewable Marketing Announces Rebrand to Pivoting Strategies


For Immediate Release

March 19, 2018

Carla Fleming
Phone: 703-581-5838
Washington, DC – Renewable Marketing, a marketing strategy firm, rebrands to Pivoting Strategies, to emphasize their leading-edge strategic frameworks that enables companies to pivot their businesses for growth. This effort includes a new logo and repositioning of the firm.

Rebranding to Pivoting Strategies reflects our recognition of an evolution in our business community,” said Carla Fleming, CEO and Founder. “Many once-successful companies are now being challenged by competitors within, and by disruptors outside their industry and the strategies and tactics that once were reliable seem to have stopped working. We bring a fresh set of eyes for our clients. Using a unique blend of cutting-edge strategy methodologies such as design thinking, we enable our clients to navigate these changes to wear the ‘Customer Badge,’ and uncover new opportunities to drive revenue.”

“Pivoting Strategies enabled us to completely re-engineer our business. Once a boutique executive recruitment firm, we are transforming into a company that provides a completely new set of values to help career professionals who need to turn their own uncertainty into positive action. Most important, Pivoting Strategies provides the tools we need to empower career professionals to achieve their boldest dreams of doing meaningful work,” said Dan Smolen, Managing Director of The Green Suits, LLC, book author, and host of “The Tightrope with Dan Smolen” podcast.

The new logo reflects the pivotal journey we help our clients discover. The colors represent the growth and renewal we make possible through conversations; new ideas are explored, tested, and actions selected and taken. Our new tagline, “Cultivating the Future of Your Business,” highlights the need for all businesses to think beyond the day-to-day and look at the future to create a strategy that’s flexible and responsive to the ever-changing marketplace.

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About Pivoting Strategies
Pivoting Strategies is a strategy consulting firm that empowers businesses to think about the future of their business. The work we do allows clients to develop deep-dive insights of their customers and prospects and recognize new opportunities. The result? Increased revenues, expanded customer lifetime value, and more meaningful, relevant customer engagements.