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Case Study

The Dan Smolen Podcast

The Challenge

The results of the 2016 election and conversations with people about the election led to an epiphany for Dan Smolen, the host of “Green Suits Radio” podcast. He realized the election radically changed the landscape, creating an opportunity to tell a broader set of stories in addition to sustainability. This led him to rename the podcast “The Dan Smolen Podcast,” which explores the redefinition of work. As a result, he wanted to understand how to reach a broader audience with the podcast.

Our Solution

We listened to podcasts to understand competitors and the formats to identify the types of content to drive engagement. We talked with podcast listeners and identified two different types of listeners and the decision-making process each group of listeners uses to determine the podcast they’ll listen to. Also uncovered were the type of experiences listeners want – what would stop them from listening, what would keep them engaged, and what would exceed their expectations.

The Results

With the findings, “The Dan Smolen Podcast” podcast format is being developed to align with the decision-making process of listeners and experiences listeners want. As a result, the insights will also serve as a roadmap for the website design to deepen his engagement with listeners. 

“The podcast listener insights Pivoting Strategies provided are a game-changer for us. Understanding the types of listeners, their expectations, and the type of experience they want will guide us as we create the type of podcast worth listening to.”

Dan Smolen

Host, The Dan Smolen Podcast

The Dan Smolen Podcast 062721
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