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Case Study

High Road Strategies, LLC

The Challenge

High Road Strategies, LLC, provides analysis and assessments of policy alternatives for nonprofits, business, labor, and governmental organizations on a host of topics including: economic and workforce development, manufacturing competitiveness, and energy and environmental sustainability. Reliant on referrals and word-of-mouth as the primary source of business, the firm experienced a rapid decline in leads. The company wanted to change this dynamic and sought a new method for promoting its message to existing clients and new clients. Also, High Road Strategies wanted to reposition the firm as a thought leader in the industry.

Our Solution

We uncovered an evolving market of ideas where policy issues once addressed in silos were becoming more complex and harder to address independently. Instead, we identified an intersection of policy issues: manufacturing and clean energy, energy and workforce development, and economic transition, workforce development, and manufacturing. It created a new opportunity to take the individual specialties and explore them in a new and refreshing framework.

We helped create a newsletter solution to reflect the difficult and complex policy intersections leaders are grappling with. Delivered as a digital newsletter that readers can subscribe to, the solution repositions the firm with existing customers and reaches new clients on mobile and desktop platforms. It also provides the firm with a platform to own its voice as a thought leader in the marketplace of ideas.

The Results

With the introduction of the newsletter, High Road Strategies is changing how it pursues business opportunities. Positioned as a thought leader in the clean energy, workforce, and manufacturing space, Joel Yudken, principal and founder, has initiated new research and writing projects and is co-editor of a new book. This has resulted in new revenue streams for his business.


“Every time I finish a meeting with Pivoting Strategies, I come away with a new idea to pursue or a different approach to consider. The newsletter is energizing our business and the response we’re getting from clients and partners. I am excited about the new direction we’re headed.”
Joel S. Yudken, Ph.D.

Principal and Founder, High Road Strategies, LLC

High Road Strategies
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