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Case Study

Fintech Company

The Challenge

A global fintech firm’s Product Management leadership wanted to roll out a significant new feature for an AI product. However, the product was launched three times but it didn’t resonate with enterprise customers. This created challenges for the firm to turn on a new stream of revenue without relaunching the product again.

Our Solution

Led a cross-functional team including the Product Marketing, Product Management, Customer Success, Services, Sales, and Marketing to unpack the product challenges and gauge their perceptions of it. Also, analyzed the messaging and dug in to understand the market changes impacting the target audience.

Based on the data insights, it was determined that the messaging targeted the technical customer, who aligned with the first-generation AI product.

However, the AI product crossed over to become a third-generation solution. Customers viewed it as a complete solution. Customers viewed it as a complete solution, as represented by the new feature. This required a pivot from the technical buyer to messaging for the economic buyer.

The Results

The product was delayed a quarter to:

  • Develop the economic buyer messaging, marketing brief, and marketing campaign. Update the website copy and collateral with the new messaging.
  • Created a customer journey map to define the sales cycle with key personas.
  • Conduct competitive analysis to inform the GTM team’s sales enablement.
  • Launched product specifically targeting the economic buyer. Over 80% of enterprise sales completing the bootcamp training, enabling sales to begin to build a pipeline.


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