Build a Customer Growth Engine SM



What’s your business growth challenge?

Are you trying to:

  • Attract prospects?
  • Retain existing customers?
  • Enter a new market effectively?
  • Become a better brand storyteller?

Every company can experience one or more of these challenges. Whether your company is faced with increased competition, need to identify new or overlooked opportunities, or seek a fresh perspective to understand your customer’s needs that can generate revenue – these are moments that can turn into strategic breakthroughs for your business. Let’s make it more personal. What is the root cause of the growth concerns you’re dealing with right now? What questions do you want to ask your customers and prospects?

Build a Customer Growth Engine

We can help you uncover who your prospects and clients are, understand what they want, and recognize the expectations they have of your products and services.

During this highly interactive, intensive, hands-on half-day workshop, we’ll:

  • Develop a challenge statement that represents the question you have about your customer or prospect.
  • Create a discussion guide for interviews with customers or prospects.
  • Map the interview answers and turn them into insights.
  • Create a persona that represents a customer or prospect.

As a result of attending the workshop, you’ll:

  • Gain insights into what your customers and prospects want, need, and the type of experiences they desire from you.
  • Uncover how your customers make decisions when determining which solutions to consider and purchase.
  • Leverage market research to recognize and explore opportunities and to understand your customers.
  • Understand why emotions matters– even in business-to-business markets.
  • Unlock and recognize opportunities to distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Discover new insights and identify new opportunities you may not have considered before.
  • Learn how to prioritize opportunities and select the one(s) worth pursuing.
  • Develop a detailed persona you can use to market your products to represent your ideal customer or prospect.
  • Learn from others, make new connections, and more.

Plus: Walk away with your copy of the Customer Growth Engine Workbook– including the roadmap you create that defines your company’s customer growth engine formula. The workbook, normally valued at $999, is one you create during the workshop that can become the secret sauce for developing your business strategy – the resource and roadmap for your business – and the customer growth engine in your business.

Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Meet Your Workshop Instructor

Carla Fleming is the CEO and Founder of Pivoting Strategies, a Washington, DC strategy firm that specializes in building business strategies and the clarification of customer expectations. The workbook you create during the workshop can become the secret sauce for developing your business strategy – the resource and roadmap for your business – and the customer growth engine in your business.

She has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience. Carla has taught MBA level students at The George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business. She worked at IBM in a variety of marketing and sales positions, building strategies to grow small, medium, and large enterprise markets, both nationally and internationally.

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The C Suite Solution Testimonial

I signed up for The Build a Customer Growth Engine Workshop hoping to find a better way to attract the attention of my desired client. I left the workshop with greater clarity about what was missing from my approach – how to attract my target client. Carla, your workshop met and exceeded my expectations!

The workshop tools and structured process Carla led us through opened the door to much more – a broader, deeper, and impactful understanding of my client – revealing new insights, not just data.

Best part of this intensive, interactive, and hands-on workshop? I have a Client Growth Engine Workbook that’s the foundation for creating a unique marketing strategy for my business.

Cynde Jackson Clarke, Managing Consultant, The C Suite Solution

ROI Results

“Attending ‘Build a Customer Growth Engine’ was well worth the investment. I was immediately able to apply the tools, industry knowledge, and insights to understand the prospect’s environment at a greater depth and establish instant credibility. I won the deal with an ROI of 2,300%.”  – CEO of Professional Services firm