In the age of disruption, the question is where do you start to unpack what’s going on? Often, we think we know who are customers are and what they want, so the question may feel like we’ve got that “handled,” like Olivia Pope does on Scandal.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, do we have it “handled” in our company when:

  • New competitors outside our industry enter our market and change how customers define value?
  • We feel stuck in our business and we’re not sure why something isn’t connecting?
  • We’re having difficulty figuring out what our value is when it’s not clear what’s the problem we solve?
  • Our relevancy to our existing customers and prospects has changed over time?
  • We believe we have a solution that solves a prospective customer’s problem, but our message isn’t clear?
  • Trends in our market are changing the way customers expect us to engage?

If you’re experiencing one or more of these challenges or aspire to enter a new market but aren’t sure which one to enter and how, then this workshop is for you.

People who have attended the workshop felt it helped them:

  • Get unstuck because it helped them connect the dots on what’s missing in their business development process.
  • Understand their prospect’s industry and win their business, turning them into a customer.
  • Uncover a trend that signaled a significant shift in their industry which could create long-term challenges for the organization and their partners.
  • Develop a business development strategy for a new project.
  • Prioritize which business they should invest their time and resources in.

Make an investment in your business and register for the workshop.

Plus, walk away with your copy of the Customer Growth Engine Workbook – including the roadmap you create that defines your company’s growth engine formula. The workbook, normally valued at $999, is one you create during the workshop that can become the secret sauce for developing your marketing strategy – the resource for your marketing – and the customer growth engine for your business.

Register now for the workshop.